WELCOMING RAMADAN 2019 Posted April 25, 2019 by EICC



Ramadan is nearly here. There will be a list for people who want to serve Iftar. Those bringing food will be responsible for serving, cleaning and ensuring the masjid is tidy and ready for salah. Please do not bring bottles of water as jugs will be provided.

Esha prayer throughout Ramadan will start at 10.45pm followed by taraweeh.

Eid: The usual locations are not available. Please let us know urgently if you know of suitable location.


We have 100 students attending madrassah classes. We thank the teachers for their great work in supporting our students. There will be a new class starting soon for new comers. Please ask for an application form from Imam or Br Kareem. Education is self-funding, money generated so far is £16,284; Expenses £13,755; balance remaining is £2529.


The original builder has finished and we have employed a local builder to finish the front of the building. In sha Allah all remaining work will be completed soon. Wudu area and the side entrance are delayed because the electrical cables need to be moved by the Power Network first. However, the tarmac has been done and looking lovely.


Following New Zealand, we have reviewed security. The Police are supporting the mosque but we need to employ our own security to safeguard masjid and our children. Security comes with a cost and we look to our community contributing a little bit more (£2 per person after Jummah) to pay for security. Apart from police, EICC has increased the number of cameras inside and outside the masjid to ensure constant monitoring 24hrs.


Heating is being fine tuned. There is a need to be economical as the maintenance expenses are high. The masjid is breaking even. All money collected on Fridays are spent on maintenace and wages. We appeal to the community to donate generously.


Thank you for cleaning the car park. White lines will be marking the car spaces soon. Please share cars if possible, come by bicylce or walk to the masjid for extra baraka. This will help relieve congestion.


The masjid runs smoothly because there are many volunteers in the background who are working hard for Allah’s sake turning the wheel, teaching our children and ensuring the masjid is clean and ready for prayer. We thank them and applaud their work. You are making the difference. Plus, giving of your time, energy, and effort provides you with immediate feedback as to what your contribution means to those receiving it in sha Allah.


Send us your views and ideas at eastbournemosque@yahoo.co.uk

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