NEWSLETTER MAY 2019 Posted May 29, 2019 by EICC



Assalamwalaikoum Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

Eid Prayer: Eid salah will be held in the masjid at 8am.  Four volunteers will man the car park, Br Bahjit will organise seating inside the mosque, and Dr Rajap will be the Volunteer Doctor on duty supported by first aiders and offer medical help.  Sr Fozia and her team will organise the care of children and safety on the balcony. We ask everyone to perform wudu at home before coming to the masjid. This will relieve congestion.

Brs Sheriff and Marwan will be in charge of donation boxes and sale of items.

Car Park: Please use Junction Road Car Park opens at 7am. Only cash accepted £1 for the first hour, £1.80 for two hours.

Fire Safety: In case of fire, use the nearest exit point.

Disabled Facilities: Ladies will be in the lift area downstairs.

Masjid: Maa sha Aallah, the construction of the mosque has progressed very well and almost completed. We have been here for a year now. It is great to see the masjid in daily use and visitors praising the atmosphere and overall structure of the masjid. We thank everybody for their contributions and efforts especially the team of volunteers.

As announced previously, the second floor will be built very soon. This will provide more space for prayer and classroom.

VISITS: We were delighted to welcome Qari Abu Bakr Al-Shatri to lead taraweeh prayer. This was highly appreciated by all and funds were raised via Islamic Relief to help our needy brothers and sisters. May Allah reward you for your generosity and support.

Our masjid and our community are being recognised for the generosity and we are getting increasing number of requests from neighbouring masjids Bexhill, Tunbridge Wells, Peacehaven, Seahaven to raise funds at Eastbourne.

Education: In shaa Allah, madrassah is progressing well for 100 children.  Thank you to all teachers for being an excellent educator! We know teachers like you are not easy to find. We appreciate your time, your patience, your ability to make learning interesting, and your smile :). Thank you for preparing the next generation.

Please contact Imam or Brother Kareem for detail and admissions.
Maintenance of the Mosque:  We want to express our appreciation for your generosity in support of EICC and the Masjid. Your personal 

commitment is incredibly helpful and allowed us to reach our goal. Your assistance means so much to the masjid but even more to the community. Thank you from all of us. Maintenance is costly and we appeal to the community for a regular donation through Direct Debit In shaa Allah.  It is your donations and income generation initiatives that will ensure we continue to provide existing and new services.

Volunteers: Alone we can do so little, Together we can do so much.

Islam sees volunteer as a productive and beneficial form of helping others in need or sadaqa. It does not have to be in the form of wealth, it is you helping others with anything that you can do. Volunteering helps connect with other people and strengthen friendship and brotherhood.

Together we can achieve more. Volunteers are needed for the following:

Can you offer couple of hours per week to help with these community projects:

Health Information Service: Medical advice, signposting to healthcare services, Basic Health Screening. Mental Health, Contact Dr Baig

Free Legal Advice: Empowering consumers know your rights. Contact Taleb/Sr. Fozia

English Language: Empowering our community. Can you teach ESOL? Contact Taleb/Sr. Fozia

Dawah: Presenting Islam to the wider community (open days, inviting neighbours to the masjid; Community Development/Youth Worker. Contact Br Khalil

Education: Supporting the teachers and children. Contact Imam/Taleb

Adult Basic Education: 
For adults who need to improve their reading, writing, speaking, problem solving, and computation skills.

Maintenance: Small repairs, painting, woodwork, tidying outside. Contact Sheriff

What has been achieved?

  1. Security guard for school and Taraweeh prayers
  2. Kitchen fitted and ready
  3. Main entrance doors ready and fitted
  4. Sisters emergency and evacuation exit ready
  5. Security cameras in place
  6. Car Park to be sorted
  7. Strong Madrassah in action


  1. Second floor construction
  2. Consolidate existing services
  3. Formulate a two year plan and vision
  4. Resume fund raising to execute vision
  5. Initiate collaborative events with other Masjids


Please get in touch for volunteering and send your ideas and suggestions to or via our websites.

Jazakhallah khairan



Ladies’ Section: Mrs. Fozia Malik 07828739674 (Organiser)

Imam Abdelrahim Chbib  07753354224

Directors of EICC:

Dr. Ilyas Biag 07730949600 (Deputy)

Taleb Durgahee 07886131518 (Chairperson)

Sheriff Koomar 07967975272 (Finance)

Khalil Haddad 07414441444 (Manager)


May Allah accept all our good deeds and guide us on the right path. Ameen