Mosque Temporary Closure Posted March 19, 2020 by EICC



Assalamwalaikoum Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

We all know that the corona virus is very serious, more people are becoming infected and death toll is rising nationally.

EICC has taken advice and has followed developments in UK and overseas very closely. We have taken on board the views of our community, our management group our Imam and government guidance.

We thank our community for expressing their opinions and views during the consultation period. Your input has been very helpful as the closure of the masjid is the most difficult decision. It needs religious clarity and courage.

After careful consideration of all the facts and risks, EICC has taken the decision to close the masjid with immediate effect from tonight until further notice.

We ask our community to pray at home from Fajr tomorrow

We pray that Allah accepts our decision and bless us all with His mercy.


Community Support

Let us take care of ourselves during this difficult period, self-isolate ourselves and look after our families and the community. Please remember our community in your prayer and duas.

If anybody needs advice or help with anything such as shopping please do not hesitate to contact us via whatsapp or email If you need to talk to Imam he is available on the phone.